Should I Choose A Windows Tablet Instead of An Android Or An Ipad?

tabletMost people have a tablet in their home nowadays. These are used for games, for watching movies or tv shows, or even for surfing the web. Because tablets have become so popular (maybe even more popular than their forefather the laptop) there are a ton of them out in the market. Most of the time people choose between an Android based tablet or an iPad, but they forget that they can get a Windows based tablet and there are a lot of good options available to them.

What To Do Before Deciding On A Tablet
Before you even decide on the make and model of the tablet that you want, you need to figure out what you’re going to use it for. While most tablets have a camera, it’s not usually something that is really important to people. Most people use their cell phones or actual cameras to take photos instead of holding up a big tablet. So the camera is probably not going to be a concern. However, other things will be. Storage, for one. Some tablets have higher memory and allow you to add additional storage, while others don’t have that capability. Size is another thing to consider. Do you want a smaller tablet, a 7 inch screen? Or do you prefer to have a larger 10 inch screen? All of these things can matter in making a decision, and most tablets have different options available. Such as, the Android and iPhone tablets have the option on downloading different cell phone spy apps, like Highster Mobile and more options.

Research Your Options Before Buying
Now that you’ve figured out what you will be using the tablet for, and what options you need, you can look up different options online to see which brands have what you need and at what price you can get it for. This may be where you have to settle on some of what you think you need – the more options you want, the higher the price will be.

What’s the Difference Between Windows Tablets and Others?
The operating system is different on Windows tablets. Windows based tablets run Windows, while Android and iPads use their own operating systems. Because of this the marketplaces are all different, meaning that not all apps will be available. Some apps for iPads will not be available for Windows and Android tablets, some Windows apps will not be available for the other two. However, the popular apps will usually be available to be used on all.

If you’re looking into using a tablet instead of a computer, a Windows based tablet is really probably the way to go. The tablets will have Windows 8 installed, and can be used exactly as a computer could. Many of them have fast processors and better hardware than an actual desktop does, depending on the type. In fact we bought a small 7 inch refurbished Windows based tablet for around $150 for my parents and hooked it up to their computer monitor in place of their old computer. Instead of a bulky PC, they run everything on their 7 inch tablet now.

So How Do You Choose The Right Tablet?
First, just because it isn’t an iPad does not mean that a tablet is not the best. There are so many brands available with different options and different price points, that consumers have freedom to choose exactly what they want and need. Determine what your usage will be and what you need it for. If you’re going to be using it a lot, you may want to spend a bit more for more memory or a more advanced operating system. If your kids or grand kids are going to be using it to play games, you may want to go the cheaper route in case of breakage. Basically, just look at what your needs are, do some research online, and then make your decision.